Selecting Data Visualization For Web

A web scraper needs a proper set of data visualization tools. Yet in this day and age there are so many to choose from that it is simply impossible to come to grips with each and every one. Just to give you an idea, an incomplete list of JavaScript libraries for data visualization can be found right here.

I started with RStudio to analyze data and with Plotly to visualize it. That’s why Shiny for R was a natural next step for me. Shiny stands out as one of the best data visualization products for web applications. Shiny can produce highly sophisticated and interactive charts. There are, however a couple of drawbacks. Shiny has a client-server architecture (server runs R, you need to register an account at the special Shiny server!) and it is a commercial product (not free!). Shiny is unbelievable product. I spent hours and hours studying its features. One hundred times have I been on the point of embracing Shiny. But I would say, for the modest scraper just starting out, Shiny is quite overkill to say the least.

Since WordPress is based on jQuery I decided to have a look at few charting libraries which also use jQuery. Here are some of the ones I found:
Below I have put together a few examples in iframes. All of them use jQuery and all of them are interactive. The coding behind all of them is quite simple.

Shiny! I am a fool—but forgive me!

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